The ‘Indische Genealogische Vereniging’ (the Dutch Indies Genealogical Association) is an association for people interested in Dutch Indies family history.
The IGV publishes a yearbook,  ‘De Indische Navorscher’, containing (partial) genealogies and small original sources for Dutch Indies genealogical research.
Nearly every year the IGV issues a volume in its series ‘Bronnenpublicaties’ in which original sources are made accessible to the genealogical researcher.

All publications are in Dutch!

Included in the membership costs (€ 41 per year in Europe, € 44 per year outside Europe):

  • IGV-info (society-news)
  • IGV-Jaarboek
  • big discount on the DVD ‘Bronnen voor Indisch genealogisch onderzoek’
  • big discount on issues in the series IGV-Bronnenpublikaties
  • free attendance of the yearly IGV-members meeting, with a lecture and a rijsttafel (at your own expense)

Both members and non-members are welcome to post their questions and remarks in the Public section of the Forums.
Click on “Ik zoek informatie over…” (Looking for information on/about…) and then on “Nieuw onderwerp” (New topic).


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