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Ngomong Gombong (Talking about Gombong)


VIII 178 pages, 13 x 19 cm, illustrated, B&W. Limited edition English language version.

ISBN 978-623-93843-0-2

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Scattered pieces of town history 1830-1942

by Sigit Asmodiwongso and Salma Nusiana

Ngomong Gombong (Talking about Gombong) is a book about the history of Gombong, a small town in Central Java, originally written in Bahasa Indonesia, and aimed to encourage young Indonesians to explore local history based on inter-cultural respect and understanding, as well as to promote cultural and historical tourism.

A special limited English edition is made available through the IGV, which has also financially supported this initiative.

Attention is given to the mystery of the origin of the name of Gombong, the town in the era of the Javanese Kraton, the establishment of the Benteng Van Wijck, the KNIL cadet school, education in the 20th century, religious movements, health care and the dark sides of Gombong, cross-culture circumstances, prominent personalities in Gombong of European, Javanese and Chinese descent, and much more.

Free copies of the bahasa version, which is already in second print, are made available for schools, public libraries and related communities.


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