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  • leo janssen
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27 okt 2016 11:27
Agnes Stille

Source: Batavia, marriage register 1865, entry nr. 60 [found on LDS-film 1208808 item 4]

6 Sept. 1865. Ignacio Jose Mendioroz, born in Pampeluna, 27 years old, actor, living in Batavia, son of Marten Mendioroz, deceased, and Pascuala Zoiza[?], living in Pampeluna; with Agnes Emelie Ferdinandus Still, born in Stralsund, 23 years old, actress, living in Batavia, daughter of Georg Jacob Still, civil engineer, and Fredericka Wilhelmina Sass, both living in Stralsund. Witnesses: Pierre Auguste Emile Leuroigne[?], 38 years old, director of the French Theatre in Batavia, living at Rijswijk, and Louis George Cressonnier, 57 years old, hotel-owner, living at Molenvliet.
N.B. I am not completely sure whether I interpreted some names correctly. For instance, when you google Mendioroz, you will find that on the Geni-website the name of the groom is listed as Jose Ignacio Mendioroz and that the family name of Ignacio’s mother is listed as Ynza instead of my Zoiza

Furthermore, Pampeluna is Pamplona (famous for its bull run) and Rijswijk and Molenvliet were some of the richer quarters of old Batavia.

  • Ben Wegman
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26 okt 2016 17:14
Agnes Stille

Your last mail was 25-10-2016 21:18 about this:
There is another Hollander connection. I suspect that Agnes' father was August Still, a music director, who performed in the Netherlands in the 19th century. But it will be wise to wait for the marriage certificate and confirm it before launching a search in the Netherlands Archives.

I have not sent any answers after that one.

regards Ben

  • luis
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26 okt 2016 15:37
Agnes Stille

Dear Ben,

Don't know if you replied to my last email. It seems like my yahoo account was hacked and I haven't been able to recover it. So i was force to open a new one: Dit e-mailadres wordt beveiligd tegen spambots. JavaScript dient ingeschakeld te zijn om het te bekijken..
If you any additional information on Agnes, please let me know.

Kindest regards, Luis

  • Ben Wegman
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25 okt 2016 15:09
Agnes Stille

The date of marriage was 6th of September 1865 not the 9th of June 1865.

Kind regards, Ben

  • Ben Wegman
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25 okt 2016 15:02
Agnes Stille

I am looking for my great-great-grandmother. Her full name was agnes emelie ferdinandine still and according to my knowledge of her she was born in berlin between september of 1842 and september of 1843. She probably moved to paris around 1860 to study music. She came from a family of musicians. On june 9th 1865, Agnes married with Ignacio Jose Melchor Mendioroz Ynza in Batavia, Isle of Java [modern Jakarta]. They had two children, the first one, valentina bertha henrietta mendioroz still, born in paris in 1867 and jose lucianne mendioroz still, born in bruges, belgium in late 1868. Ignacio and Valentina were prestigious 19 century opera singers and jose lucianne studied piano at berlin and milan conservatories. There seem to have been a close connection with Batavia, for in addition to their wedding, ignacio performed in batavia in 1867 and valenina's opera debut took place in that city in 1885, which makes me believe that probably agnes' parents were either missionaries or diplomats or something of that nature. I don't have a second lastname for her and the only other clue that I have is that agnes had a sister named Bertha Still. Any suggestions or clues would be greatly appreciated.


Regards, Ben

  • Ben Wegman
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25 okt 2016 14:40
Agnes Stille

I have found the marriage.
06-09-1865 Ignacio Jose Moendioroz with Agnes Emelie Ferdinandus Still in Batavia (source RA1866:A6).

FS filmnumber 1208808

Kind regards, Ben.

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